Every year Ploughshare Farm takes on individuals to work on the farm.  We have housing available.  For a complete description of our job descriptions for the 2015 season please email me direct at organicploughshare@gmail.com

We are currently looking for individuals with experience growing vegetables on an organic farm.  Please email your resume to  organicploughshare@gmail.com 



Crew Supervisor

This position requires at least three years of prior experience working on a vegetable farm.

We are looking for someone with excellent leadership and organizational skills who can help direct a crew of 4-8 people. In this position, you will be required to focus on maintaining high standards of quality and consistency, along with striving towards maximum efficiency.

Position runs from the beginning of March until the end of December (and could very likely become a year-round position!)

Field Worker

Key responsibilities include:   ·      Planting, transplanting, weeding and maintaining plants ·      Helping to harvest, wash, pack and load produce with farm crew ·      Communicating daily with Gary regarding tasks for the day ·      Being involved in the daily activities including planting, cultivating, harvesting, and packing; ·      Driving tractor for transplanting and harvesting ·      Maintaining all harvest data and records ·      Organizing and cleaning packing shed  

Preferred Qualities:  experience on a vegetable farm Valid driver’s license and ability to lift 40 pounds. Tractor and cultivating experience Highly efficient, disciplined and organized. Willingness to take orders and ability to be a positive example to others.  

Position runs from mid-April until the end of December


Tractor Operator

Applicants are required to have a high level of organization and an attention to the details of ag equipment and tractors.


Delivery Driver – 


We are looking for someone with a stellar driving record and experience with driving a delivery truck through a city. Deliveries are every Thursday and begin at 4am and finish in the late afternoon.

Position runs from the beginning of June until end of October.